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Feed trial with Betabec and Aquacite in a commercial cage of Sea Bass in Malta, Spring 2005.

The average body weight at the start of the trial was 101 gm with approximately 140000 fish in the cage.
 For a period of weeks prior to the commencement of the trial, there was an average of between 35 and 40 mortalities recovered from the pen every two to three days.
The object of the trial was to feed Betabec for 14 days at 8 gm per kg of feed, followed by a two week break then the addition of Aquacite at 2.5 gm per kg of feed.   
Both site staff and an independent biologist who supervised the trial commented that the condition and behaviour of the fish improved dramatically following the introduction of Betabec and Aquacite.   
The trial started Mid February, 2005 and monitoring finished at the end of May, 2005.
1/03/05 to 17/03/05    Betabec feeding period
25/03/05 to 10/04/05 Aquacite Feeding period