James A Mackie (Agricultural) - Any Product, Anywhere 


We supply a wide range of products to the aquaculture and general livestock industries.


The Nutritional Product range includes: -


Betabec is a blend of immunostimulants for fish.   It contains Vitamins C, E, B1, B2, B6, B12 and an extract of a fermented product high in Manans and Beta 1.3 1.6 Glucans.      It can be coated on the feed or incorporated at the time of manufacture.


Aquacite is a nutritional supplement for all aquatic species.   It contains a blend of bioflavonoids and immunostimulants with added Ascorbic Acid.   Used as part of a management plan along with Betabec, Aquacite will help improve fish health reducing mortalities and increasing profitability.      Aquacite can be coated on the feed or added to feed at the time of manufacture.   

Salar BEC

Salar BEC is a blend of the vitamins C, E and B group on a water proofed base.   Designed for coating on fish feeds to boost vitamin intake at times of stress, low feed intake or to boost poor quality feed.      Can also be fed to other animals especially horses under heavy training regimes.

Samaki PPS Powder and Liquid

Samaki PPS Powder and Liquid are a blend of vitamins, plant extracts and organic acids for adding to the feed or  drinking water of pigs, rabbits and poultry.      Are especially effective in organic production systems.   Do not feed to pigs where the diet has a copper level higher than 50 ppm


Meditak is a blend of marine body oils and is produced in the UK.    Normally used for coating fine powders such as Aquacite, Betabec and  Salar BEC and/or medications on to fish  diets.    It can also be used in ruminant diets.      A different formulation is available for Shrimp diets

Other Products 

Nutrition products:   Mackolyte (an electrolyte mixture for livestock);  Vitamin supplements for all species;   Yeast extracts;     Samaki PPS (liquid and powder - bioflavonoid mixes for animals and poultry excluding ruminants)  Vitamins C, B Group, E and formulated mixes. 

Chemical products:    Acetone; Ammonium Sulphate; Benzocaine; 2 Phenoxyethanol; Copper Sulphate and Carbonate;  Cobalt Sulphate and Carbonate;  Ferrous Sulphate; 

Disinfectants:     Samaki Biocide; Buffodine;  Chloramine T;  Peracetic Acid 5% and 15%;   Benzalkonium Chloride;  Iodophores;  Formalin; Hydrogen Peroxide;

Malachite Green (for non food fish and reptiles)

All  products can be custom packed and labelled in containers from 20gm/ml to full bulk loads.

Supply of these products are subject to local legislation


Frisbouy: A hand launched device for throwing to individuals who have fallen into water. Weighs less than 2kg and comes complete with 50 feet of nylon rope. Lightweight, portable and effective.


We can supply: water pumps, power washers, generators as well as pipes & couplings or assembled pump fittings for chemical dispersal in water.