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Betabec and Aquacite for Ornamental Fish

Whether we pay 50p or £10,000.00 per fish in our garden ponds, they all suffer from similar problems. When fish are under stress from transfer, poor water quality and /or a range of other situations,  their immune system becomes weaker. As a result the fish are more prone to infection. The same can be said about fish in coarse fisheries.

The use of chemical bath treatments can be dangerous to the environment, the fish and the fish keeper.

Betabec and Aquacite are two nutritional supplements based on plant and yeast extracts that  have shown, when fed as part of a management strategy, to reduce the symptoms of stress. Because they are natural products they have no impact on the environment nor the fish keeper.

Betabec is a blend of extracts of yeast and Vitamins C, E and the B group. Feed to fish at a rate of 8 gm per kilogram of feed for a maximum of 14 days then follow with Aquacite.

Aquacite  is a blend of yeast extract, bioflavonoids and Vitamin C.  Aquacite is fed  at a rate of 2.5 gm per kilogram of feed for a period of between  2 and 6 weeks.

Betabec and Aquacite  can be fed at any time, however a four week period should  be maintained between repeat feedings.    
No other immunostimulants should be fed along with  these products.    
As a precautionary measure first check the list of ingredients in your fish feed before using Betabec and Aquacite.  
Betabec and Aquacite are coated on the feed by first coating feed in a small quantity of oil then adding the respective powder. This can be done in a small container or  a plastic bag. A cement mixer can be used for bigger quantities.

Our products are available in a variety of pack sizes from a kit comprising a mixing bucket complete with 50 gm Betabec, 50 gm Aquacite and 250 ml of vegetable oil, through to packs for the commercial market.   
We can supply details of fish feed manufacturers who use our products in their specialist fish diets.

For further information please contact  Jim Mackie or your fish specialist.